About time too! 22 days and counting!


Well, after many months of fighting with various GP's about my hip, I have today had my pre-op for my shiny new hip day on 20th May. As I also have bronchiecstasis, I'm now also in isolation as far as I can (I can't isolate from my husband lol) from any chest infections. I've already had two serious ones this year and today the hospital were quite clear, if I get another one between now and surgery date, I will be postponed for at least another six weeks. I have repeated standing orders to my sons not to come round if any of them or their children get anything. I just need suggestions as to how to stop him indoors giving me any more colds that lead to chest infections this year.

Love and hugs

Trish xx


  • Janlyn
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    @Trish9556 ooh, not long now, fingers crossed 🤞

  • Trish9556
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    Thank you @Janlyn, I am so excited and have a countdown timer on my phone! Excited too at the prospect of possibly another first, a spinal anaesthetic. 68 years old and I can still be as excited as a child at Christmas!!

    Trish xx

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    Really pleased for you @Trish9556 , fingers crossed you stay germ free. I would carry antiseptic wipes around and wipe everything before you touch it! Keep windows open as much as possible etc.

    Wishing you all the best x

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    GREAT NEWS!!! @Trish9556

    I am so pleased for you 😊

    It's a bit like when my Lucy was on chemo I think I actually had a permanent sign on the door 'germy people keep out'! I also had masks and handwash just inside the front door.

    Hubby needs to act like we are in lockdown and come in and shower straight away🤭If he gets any sign of a cold sleep on the sofa or spare room if you have one! I'm sure he will.

    Take care

    Toni x

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    I am a recently retired Respiratory Nurse Consultant. I would agree with the above comments but additionally I would suggest that you increase your fluids and be religious about doing your sputum clearance exercises too. Also, keep as physically active as you can be. If you are moving, so will your sputum be! I had my hip replaced 13 days ago and understand how difficult it can be to be active, but do your best.
    You cannot avoid all bugs but you will have given yourself a fighting chance. Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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    @Trish9556 I am so pleased that you have finally got your date for your new hip. It has been a long time coming for you and I thoroughly understand your excitement and hope that all goes smoothly. I also wipe down everywhere with antiseptic wipes and sprays if there are any coughs/sniffles around you can never be too careful. Take care.🙂

  • Trish9556
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    thank you everyone for your comments :) greatly appreciated


    Thank you Toni, I love fresh air and try to get out and about as much as I can but I'm out of luck with windows at night - he sleeps on the window side and said it's too cold with them open lol! We only have two small windows that open in the bedroom and he hates it….even when its hot :(. I have already told him he will have to sleep on the other side of the bed when I come home as that side will be easier for me to get in and out. After 48 years on that side he's not impressed lol. At the moment I spend more nights awake downstairs on the sofa than I do in bed but it's only a small sofa so most times I end up on the floor (I know, I shouldn't!)


    thank you for your specific advice. I did find it really difficult to do my exercises when I had my flares this year so I have been doing them religiously ever since - prior to my flares I could get away with twice a week. I do drink a lot of water anyway so that's not a problem but I do have to speak to the Physio before hand as I'm not supposed to sleep on my back and my usual side sleeping will be out of the question so I hope they can come up with something to help me. I'm a very stubborn taurean and very independent so I tend to move around the house without my stick or crutches most days - we have stair rails both sides and furniture strategically placed but I did resort to my crutches today when we went out.

    @Fran54 @JPT

    I do have some masks here so I might just resolve to using those as much as I can - my asthma doesn't like them but husband's attitude is 'it's just a cold' or 'it's pollen and never does anything about it - doesn't even have his flu or covid jab. Seriously considering kicking him out until I go in - I'm sure one of my lads could put him up. I do clean up when he's not looking lol - he's diffiult!

    love n hugs

    Trish xx