Odd dignosis


hi I am new , i have been having difficulty with my joints and muscles for about 5 yrs . I definitely have OA of my right knee but have fluctuating pains in my lower limbs ( although it did start off in my upper limbs). I have been given a diagnosis based on my past medical history of sympathetic over drive, which seems to give me symptoms similar to that of fibromyalgia.
it’s quite debilitating in movement and the ability to walk up or down. The stiffness and pain fluctuating from minute to minute.
my current concern is that it seems to be moving now to my neck and head . As a consequence i usual tend to ignore any new symptoms as a possible medical concern, but given the development of the head pains and also some other loss of senses I asked my GP to refer me for an opinion , he’s referred me for neurology , it’s 2 yr wait . Has anyone has similar experiences or diagnosis .


  • PJoanne
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    Hello @Kar and welcome to the community, its great to have you here.

    Is it possible to ask your GP for referral to an 'quick pathway' or 'triage clinic' ? (I've put these terms in quotation marks as different NHS authorities will have different systems and names for their treatment pathways.) Maybe your GP surgery could advise what is available in your area.

    Are you comfortable advocating for yourself to get a firmer and speedier diagnosis (perhaps a friend or family member could support you) or a more urgent referral to hospital services from your GP?

    We are here to support each other and hopefully someone with similar experiences will be able to give you some feedback.

    I would like to direct you to our helpline, the number is 0800 5200 520 .

    Wishing you well


  • Kar
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    thank you so much for responding, I am comfortable in advocating for myself , and I have had recent bloods taken for inflammatory levels so I will contact them again to try to expedite an apt if the symptoms don’t improve. Unfortunately neurological waiting list are apparently notoriously long . I will contact the helpline if I don’t get anywhere for further suggestions. Thanks so much