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I am an 80 year old who has experienced osteoarthritis in my hands, knees and ankles for many years. In 2022 I had a successful knee replacement in my right leg, and I was due for a repeat in my left leg this year. However my left ankle has recently become painful when I walk, and I would be unable to do the necessary exercises after a knee operation. It is particularly bad when I stand after resting. Otherwise I am reasonably fit and active.

My knee specialist has sent me for an MRI scan with a view to replacing the left ankle. He has informed me that this is a relatively new and quite a complicated proceedure. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had this done, especially anyone of my age. For example was the replacement successful, and how long is the recovery period?



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    Hi @LewisB

    Its catch 22 all over again.

    my first op was total uncemented left hip replacement which is coming upto 26 years now, i was in my mid 30's back then. like any op you walk differently after and put strain on the other side which is what happened to my right ankle.

    Not a new procedure as such but they did say only 3 had been done in the uk but that was back in 1996-98.

    They had me in hospital for tests back in the late 90's for a total ankle replacement but as my condition was so active after 3 months and more xrays they said it was too far gone and too risky to attempt. In the end they done a triple fusion arthrodesis so now have 3 metel pins fusing my right ankle. The recovery for that was almost 6 months and it was great to finally get out of plaster after all that time (no such thing as blow up boots back then unless you was paying private).

    It was like learning to walk again as on the flat i was ok but on sand or grass or even uneaven pavements the ankle didnt move so i was more at risk of falls. I would guess a total replacement would mean you have movement in the ankle so would be easier to walk after the recovery.

    Hopefully others will be able to advise better than me and i wish you well if you go for it.

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