Hi, new to osteoarthritis, and new to this community

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I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee back in December, when I had to have an X-ray to confirm a damaged Acl/Mcl too….been really struggling to get back on my feet, still off work after 6 months, I would greatly appreciate any help and advice from anyone who has been dealing with this longer, hints and tips would be welcome… so yeah thats me…. Hello….👋


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    hello @Gemgemand welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    You might find our website useful and I've put a link in below which gives some insight into knee pain


    Hope this helps


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    Hi @Gemgem I also have arthritis in my left knee I've had it for around 5 years now. I have no cartlidge between my knee caps the thing is the pain can be horrendous at times. But I try to keep off the usual pain killers from the chemist's I find if you can keep the inflammation under control that seems to control the pain too. I take turmeric capsules twice a day which seems to keep it under control I hope that helps. Take care

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    well, I’ve now seen a specialist, who said that there is no ligament damage, and the GP shouldn’t have said otherwise, because ligaments can’t be seen on an x ray, so confused now as I’ve been treated for the last 8 months for ligament damage…. So all my pain is from the degenerative condition of the osteoarthritis….. apparently it can’t be fixed and will only get worse, all I can do is managed the pain, lose weight and keep it moving, doing the physio exercises I’ve been given, going to attempt a return to work at the end of the month, absolutely terrified that the sharp pain is going to return again….😥😥

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    Gengen, I feel for you. This is my first time here despite being belatedly diagnosed with osteoarthritis, treated badly and rudely by the NHS, (one A&E doctor said, when I came in still undiagnosed, falling frequently and in great pain, What do you expect me to do about it?"…..No joke. He said that. And my GP said, when still undiagnosed because no one was paying attention to my back pain and falling episodes etc, "I'm not bothered. Just keep icing it and using heat as you are. It will get better."……She may not have been bothered but it nearly cost me my life.)went private though can't afford to, and had a decompression of my vertebrae 5, which was collapsing and about to make me paralyzed.

    The NHS said in the two-year wait to consult;t with the neurosurgeon, that if I lost all function they would do an emergency operation then, great, huh? So begged, borrowed, and all but stole to have the urgent treatment last September.

    Also have a wonky spine in various places and a knee that is so painful my mobility is seriously compromised. I am trying all sorts of alternative treatments like the doctor's horrible pain pills and all their side effects. I am not trying to paint a dark picture though. I am still able to enjoy a lot of things, and frankly, this is new to me, I don't know anything about it, and I have no one I know with it.

    It's a disease unique to each person/as I understand it, many halt the progression of their disease. Usually, they follow all the good health guidelines and work on that understandable negativity we who are isolated with this disease feel. I find my TENS machine helps a lot, lidocaine patches help temporarily bought online, and swimming feels freeing and wonderful.

    It can be okay, It's not the end of the world, it's a big f———- challenge though. Best of luck. Keep in touch if you like. I am not always a downer, I like to be optimistic. Pain makes that hard, but not impossible.

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    Hi all

    There Are too many doctors in hosputalsvland GP surgeries who do not understand arthritis and the pain of it or how it makes us feel.

    I have one GP, the Lead GP at my surgery told me one Friday morning, after a week of uncontrollable horrendous pain and no sleep, Mrs B you have arthritis. You should get used to living in pain, theres nothing i can do.

    Good job it was a phone call

    Found another GP at the surgery and dont speak to anyone else.

    I hope all these Drs get to know the pain of arthritis

    Its a shame we have to fight for what we need

    Good luck