Heel protector recommendation?



Can anyone please recommend a heel protector for in bed ? I find the heel on my operated leg very sore & already using a pillow

ThThanks so much in advance 😊


  • Ellen
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    Hi @anxioussarah You are very wise to protect your heels while you are having to lie on your back post operatively.

    Personally I have always managed to keep my heels off the bed using one good firm pillow although some people do use two.

    There are things you can buy to lift your heel off the mattress, but I have never tried them have you asked the 'hippies' @Nurina @JPT and @Janlyn @alwayssewing to name but a few

    This search l did for you might have something useful in it too:

    Best wishes


  • Janlyn
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    @anxioussarah Hi - yes, I understand - it was one of the hardest part of back-sleeping for me initially. I used a memory foam pillow under my ankles which lifted my heels into the air so they weren't resting on anything. It was much more comfortable, if back-sleeping and not moving can ever be comfortable.

  • frogmorton
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    Good idea @Janlyn the memory foam 'neck' ones I use would be firmer and definitely keep my heels off the mattress.

    Someone (one of the men I think because they were definitely tall) slept with their feet off the end of the bed!

    Best of luck Sarah please don't be getting sores on your heels.

    Toni x

  • Janlyn
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    @frogmorton yes, mine is actually a memory foam pillow I got for between my knees pre-surgery but I've also used it under my neck but it was especially useful to keep my ankles high and dangling. I remember one of the men sleeping with his feet off the end of the bed too. Whatever it takes but essential to avoid the heel sores - they're really uncomfortable.

    And yes, best of luck @anxioussarah hope you're going on okay?