Anyone else had a Zoledronate Infusion for osteoporosis?

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After putting this off for a few years, against medical advice 🙈 , I eventually had my infusion yesterday.

Everything went well and the staff in the IVAS unit were absolutely lovely.

I didn’t feel any different yesterday but am noticing a bit more pain today - which is a recognised side effect.

Just wondering if anyone’s been through this and can tell me how long it’ll be before things settle down again.


  • BettyMac
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    Apologies, mods - I meant to post this on Living With Arthritis

    Not just my knee that’s wonky today 😞

  • Anna
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    Hi @BettyMac, I moved your post to the Living with Arthritis forum - hope you get some responses from members who’ve had a similar infusion.

    You may have already seen this - it’s a link to some information on Zoledronate from the Royal Osteoporosis Society that might be helpful to you:

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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  • BettyMac
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    Thanks, Anna

    I had already seen that article on the ROS website and it was helpful in reassuring me.

    Although I had zero symptoms on the day the infusion was given, yesterday was pretty nasty.
    Apparently I’m one of the 30% of people who react to the first infusion.

    I spent the day shivering and running a very high temperature , and had some muscle pain and a headache.

    Pleased to say that I feel absolutely fine this morning.