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I was recently diagnosed with hip arthritis by my gp. Waiting for a x ray and steroid injection. I take tramadol for the absolutely severe pain which is in my groin hip and right buttock radiating down to my lower leg. Have had in the past operation on my lower back disc degeneration. This in turn causing sciatica which was also extremely painful. The pain this time though is in another league I can't walk more than a few metres before the pain sets in. Before I was given tramadol I was taking co codamol which always worked before. I can't take anything else due to a heart condition. Is this normal to feel so much pain with this condition. I also have it in my shoulders hands and knees. Thank you for reading my troubles.


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    You could have been writing about my pain. Outside of leg, buttock, groin & radiating down leg to knee & even foot sometimes. I’m still managing on ibuprofen & paracetamol, though I think my body is getting used to them now.
    The hardest thing is finding it so difficult to get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren, & also losing my great interests of gardening & walking. Unfortunately, I find that the exercises given me by the physio make the radiating pain down my leg much worse, so have stopped doing these.
    However, after a lot of research I have now cut out sugar, all alcohol & processed foods from my diet, & there is a definite reduction in the level of pain, if not in the stiffness. The research also suggests going gluten free, but as I have coeliac disease, I’m already doing that.

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    Hello @Graemep1 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

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    Our website has a lot of useful information on arthritis and treatments and I would recommend having a look around it.

    Please let us know how you are getting on.

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