Rituximab - has anyone else had it?

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I've just had my second course of rituximab (the supposed wonder drug) and I was wondering if anyone else out there is on it as well. My first course only seemed to last for 1 month, having taken 3 months to start working. I then had to wait another 2 months before I was allowed to have my second course. :( 3 weeks later and I'm waiting to feel the effects and wondering if it'll ever make me feel better. :| Please, someone give me good news and say that it worked for them. There seem to be so few people on it I'm finding it hard to find someone to discuss it with.


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    Hi There,

    I have just my 2nd infusion of Rituximab - this being my first course of treatment on this drug. It will probably be about 6 weeks before I start to feel the benefits of this 'wonder drug'.

    There are several members of NRAS who have had good results with Rituximab so it may be worthwhile for you to visit the members' Forum at: http://www.rheumatoid.org.uk. Hope all goes well for you. Take care.

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    Thanks for the feedback....I was beginning to think that it was just me it hadn't worked on. Fingers crossed for everyone else though - there's lots of positive stuff out there about Rituximab.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Have gone through different posts in the forum and have seen delighted people with many of their queries resolved. Hoping the same with me.

    My mom (46years) is suffereing from RA (with RF negative) from past 2 years and she is on Prednisolone (2mg per day now) and hydroxychloroquine(DMARD). She is feeling better now with more good days than bad days. Our Rheumy yesterday referred to Rituximab and he want to start with it. I was surfing abt Rituximab and got to know that it should be used only if any of anti-TNF drugs like enbre etc fails to work. But my mom never have been on this drugs.
    My questions here are:
    Is it ok to jump to Rituximab without using TNF inhibitors (enbrel). Are there any one who are put in to rituximab without prior use of anti-TNF’s

    Thanks for your patience and time.
    Hoping for the best.
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    Bumped up for Colin

    Elna x
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    Hiya, I had a course of rituximab in December 2008 and i am just about to have my second treatment and it has worked so well with me. It brought my innflammatory markers right down to the point where they were barely readable and I have to say I have nothing negative to say about the drug or treatment. nothing else worked after having RA for 7 years and then this came along and has made such a massively positive impact on my life.
    Is there anything in particular your concerned about taking the drug? If you want to talk either message me or contact via the board.
    Hope it starts to work for you.
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    Thanks Elna your a star.
    Hi Guys I've had a pretty bad time with the meds gone through all the anti TNFs and about to start on rituximab i hope it works for me.