Rituximab - Anyone on this?

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Hi all,

I've been to see my Rheumy today. I am currently on Enbrel (Etanercept) and have just chalked up 3 years on it, however this past year has been rough owing to one infection after another and the treatment being stop start. The Enbrel has been good for my RA but has caused havoc with my immune system. I am currently facing the prospect of life-time anti bios because of an going problem. My Rheumy is concerned that I am on the Enbrel as well as Anti-bios as they conflict one another but has said we'll leave it another 6 weeks to see how I go. The alternative, if I have to come off, is the above. Because I've had 2 back-fire on me over the years - MXT/Sulpha - And now I'm having problems with Enbrel he said I'd be ideal for a clinical trial (at Whipps Cross) but they won't take me because of the ongoing infections! I've had a look at the above on line and in comparison to other drugs it sounds like heavy artillery, it basically wipes out your B-Cells, you need to go to the hospital to get them to inject you, and then once a year for a top-up! Anyone else out there on this, or going on it soon?




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    patrir wrote:
    Hi Eugene

    I have been on Rituximab for the last 2 years and I am due my 3rd Infusion after Xmas. The first one did not last for the full year (lasted around 6 months) but the 2nd one lasted and the effects were fantastic. I have not had any side effects and the only other drug I am on is Meloxiciam. I have been on lots of differant therapies including Enbrel but consider the benifits from Rituximab far outweigh any if the side effects from the other toxic drugs I have been on! Good luck with your treatment and dont worry!!


    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for coming back to me. It is good to hear from someone who has had experience of this drug. I don't know whether it will happen for me yet as I am simply awaiting developments, speaking of which I have run out of Enbrel despite telling my hospital I was running low 5 weeks ago!! I'd better get on and chase them again!

    Thanks again,

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    Hi Everyone,

    Have gone through different posts in the forum and have seen delighted people with many of their queries resolved. Hoping the same with me.

    My mom (46years) is suffereing from RA (with RF negative) from past 2 years and she is on Prednisolone (2mg per day now) and hydroxychloroquine(DMARD). She is feeling better now with more good days than bad days. Our Rheumy yesterday referred to Rituximab and he want to start with it. I was surfing abt Rituximab and got to know that it should be used only if any of anti-TNF drugs like enbre etc fails to work. But my mom never have been on this drugs.
    My questions here are:
    Is it ok to jump to Rituximab without using TNF inhibitors (enbrel). Are there any one who are put in to rituximab without prior use of anti-TNF’s

    Thanks for your patience and time.
    Hoping for the best.
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    Hi folks
    I have RA but without the rheumatoid factor and have been on enbrel which started failing after a year. Then I was given two infusions of rituximab about 7 weeks ago as all other meds have failed. I was expecting great results however, absolutely no change whatsoever. My consultant said it was less likely to work if you haven't got the rheumatoid factor (like me). I am in so much pain now he has given me morphine. He now wants to try me on a new drug which is still in the trial process and he has to apply for funding and to the pharmaceutical company for the drug.
    Hope this one works because I feel Iv'e run out of options. I'm 40 and feel my life is over, long term sick and pretty fed up.
    Good luck to others on rituximab
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    hi ive been on this drug , long before i was on mtx and enbrel it didn work for me at all but these other 2 togther seem to be working been on enbrel just under a year now inj one . and inj mtx as well , hope it works for you good luck also didn like been stuck on adrip for 4 hours either at the hos if its the same drug if it is dont eat anytyhin while you on it they take your temp a lot and eating causes it to rise as i found out, made me drink a pint of water to bring it down all for the sake of a tic tac , my temp shot the roof i paniced and so did nurses as none of us could think why . and it was the tic tac all the best joy xxx
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    Thank you very much for youre replies.
    Will keep in mind all your opinions.