DLA Advice Please

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Hi all,
I'm on top of the world as i now have my date for hip resurfacing but could someone give me advise regarding DLA please.
I am currently in reciept of HR Mob and LR Care. After the op i think i'll be worse than i am now but hopefully after a bit of time i will be like a new man so when do i tell the DWP and what do i tell them?
Do i need to tell them that i am going into hospital for the op or do i tell them once i've had it done? Or do i wait until i am fully recovered?
I'm not really sure of the guidelines.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
ff :)


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    Call them up if your symptoms change and advise them you need to make a change in circumstances. I'd also make them aware you have a date for your Op as this would not have been on your original form. The DWP states if your condition changes then you may not be receiving the correct amount of DLA. Good luck with the Op x