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Hi everyone, this is for the girls,

Just to let you know that last week I bought some leg-warmers from Top Shop. I wear them over my skinny jeans, and I love them! They make my ankles feel supported and comfortable. They look good too. It is just a suggestion for anyone with ankle or foot pain.



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    i've just bought some thermal undies, it's my knees that seems to suck in the cold air, am also going to have to wear gloves in bed our bedroom is soooo cold, however am thinking it's not a sexy look is it but needs must.
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    hahaa this post made me laugh :)
    It's so nice to here i'm not the only one with my skinny jeans and leg warmers xD
    Although I don't wear them together, i think i may start :)
    I think I feel a new trend coming on..