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can u pls help ive heard loads of things and dont know what to do for best, is it ok to take echinacia?? any thing that helps support ur immune system,as i taking a immune system suppresent ive never been sure! i dont want to get ill every winter what can i do? vits keeping warm etc pls advise. :wink:


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    Hi Kezzo

    Our information here says echinacea should not be taken by those with autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. It may interact with other drugs and should not be taken with corticosteroids and other immunosuppressive drugs. It shouldn't be taken with Methotrexate as it may contribute to liver damage.
    Always ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking a supplement or 'over the counter' medicine as many of them can disagree with conventional medicines.

    It is important to look after yourself during the winter months, eat a good diet with plenty of fruit & veg so you get enough Vitamin C.
    Try & stay away from people with coughs & colds &, most importantly, have you had your flu vaccine and, if your GP agrees, a pneumonia vaccine? If not then do contact your surgery now as most of them are doing vaccines at this time of year.
    Keep up your usual exercise routine so your joints don't get stiff & keep warm with lots of layers of light clothing.

    Best wishes