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I have been suffering with OA and osteoporosis for many years, although not diagnosed with latter till recently, I stopped counting breakages last year after reaching 50 odd fractures. I have had ops to toe joints etc. Recently the OA seems to be progressing faster and faster and creeping through and involving more joints, my shoulders are worn out (I've had ct scans and x-rays) and incredibly painful everytime I move, with a lingering numbing pain that makes me feel terrible. OA involves my feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands with a lot of shooting pains, but being a transient type of pain. I have broken many ribs (top to bottom and back again in Jan, I fell on my arm), foot, fingers lately and just broken my ribs again from sneezing, this last couple of weeks.

I don't work, no-one will employ me, a lot of lifes pleasures are disappearing away from me. I am male, 53 and getting rather scared that I can't keep a hold of life. I have not seen anyone, other than a locum gp about OA, the painkillers and NSAIDs he prescribes don't touch the sides, he won't prescribe more or stronger.

I know I'm just having a moan, please ignore I'm actually a nice person, I think...... Comments on a postcard please!


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    Dear Airwave

    Please don't apologise for moaning, with everything you are going through you are more than entitled to moan as much as you like. :wink:

    Are you being treated for your osteoporosis? If not the Osteoporosis Society may be able to help you with more information on the conditon. The website is www.nos.org.uk, helpline number 0845 458 3969.

    To manage your pain you may benefit from seeing a pain clinic. Have you considered the supplement glucosomine sulphate? This can be quite beneficial in managing Osteoarthritis pain. You can read more about supplements in our booklet called Healthy Eating.

    For more information on how to manage Osteoarthritis please see our booklets: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Booklets

    ARC also do some very good booklets, here are links to a selection:
    http://www.arc.org.uk/arthinfo/patpubs/6012/6012.asp - feet
    http://www.arc.org.uk/arthinfo/patpubs/6027/6027.asp - knees
    http://www.arc.org.uk/arthinfo/patpubs/6039/6039.asp - shoulder

    I hope this is a helpful start, however, if you would like more information or simply someone to talk to please give us a call at Helplines on the number at the top of this page. Sometimes it really helps to have a person to talk/moan to. Just remember you do not have to deal with this all alone.

    Best wishes


    PS If you would like us to send you an information pack just private message us with you name, age, and full postal address.
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    Hi airwave
    Excuse me butting in, but you sound to be sufferung a lot, which isn't right.
    I just wanted to say feel free to moan I think you have plenty to maon about and here is the place!
    I genuinely beleive you ARE a nice person! :)
    Take care
    Toni x
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    Hi Simona,
    Yes, I am being treated for OP, not sure that I'm on the correct drug though as I'm still breaking things. What does concern me more is the OA, which hurts more! I have been on a EPP course. I will write and get some more info off you, ta.

    What I find hard to take is that I never seem to have any reason for whats happening. I have been told that the OP (inherited) and OA are not related, my niece is now going down the same road as me.

    I expect it will come out in the wash, one day....

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    Dear Airwave,

    Do feel free to ring our freephone if you'd like to. If you are concerned about what lies behind your medical history you might like to rehearse some questions to put to a rheumatologist.

    If you e-mail helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk with and give us your name and postal address we can post you more information on pain management.

    I'm sure you can find encouragement and support on here for how to self-manage.

    I hope that's useful