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Today i went to see my rheumatologist to have my knee drained off uric acid and i have been putting it for a few month which wasnt a good idea. The reason I put it off for those few months was that i thought it would be an horrendous experience and guess what...it wasnt at all.
The rheumatologist was very supportive as he always has been and the nurse was excellent.
They marked up the area with a pen type object to aim well hahaha numbed with the freeze type spray which was excellent and then continued the process of needle injection and draining.
The whole process took about altogether 10 minutes from the minute i entered the room until i left the rooom.
The draining took about 5 mins.
Just wanted to reassure people who may begoing in for this that it really isnt the least bit awful.
A few strange sensations and it takes a few mins but apart from that fairly easy sailing...do not put it off like silly me!!!!!!


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    Thanks for that. I hope that if it ever happens to me I will be as brave as you. That should reassure people
    Toni x
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    glad they treated you well. I has both my knees done recently and unfortunately it was the complete opposite for me! It seems everywhere does it differently. I had had mine done at another hosp before and all was fine so I assumed they would do the same thing and it would all be fine. I'm not a fan of needles so wasn't looking and didn't relise I had no anaesthetic or anything beforehand. You need to insist on some pain releif before they start!!! Believe me!!!

    Sorry, don't mean to scare anyone. The process is fine if they follow the right procedures it would seem.
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    Hi Mikey and Kate,

    This thread all shows how different people's experiences can be - and I'd guess you might be talking about different kinds of arthritis underlying having the knee drained?

    If either of you would like any more information on self-management for the kinds of arthritis you have (or have any questions) just e-mail helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk (do include the postal address if you'd like hard copies of the information and say what kind of arthritis you have)

    all the best
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    I recently had a lot of fluid drained from my knee without any pain relief and it wasn't that bad at all.
    I am a wimp and I did cry but it just felt strange more than anything.
    So don't worry if they don't offer you freeze spray, etc. you will be fine :)