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Hi guys, i really need advice on going back to work as i just keep hitting brick walls. I left work 3 years ago after a difficult start to pregnancy, since then i've been diagnosed with RA and have MTX injections weekly which so far so good is working quite well. My biggest problem now is finding a suitable job, since leaving school all i have ever done workwise is in and around the pub trade i.e. chef, pub manager and auditor but there is no way i could do any of that now due to standing for long hours, walking, lack of grip and heavy lifting it would be impossible. I have tried but only lasted two hours and i was in agony!! My partner is fab and works really hard both at work and at home but he's a builder so things aren't great therefore i really need to start earning again i've tried the job centre they were pretty much useless they said i need to get signed off sick as its mainly my hands, elbows, shoulders back and knees affected, then they might be able to help, my g.p. said he can't sign me off sick as i'm ok most of the time which i am mainly because i'm well looked after and really only have to potter around at home and change the odd nappy, a trip round asda on the other hand takes a good couple of hours and a lie down when i get home, then again i would much rather work than try claiming benefits, I really am confused and don't know where to turn next and the stress doesn't help much.

thanks for reading all my waffle

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    Hi Jen

    Obviously a difficult time for you. I'm not quite sute what the job centre was doing telling you to get signed off sick if you actually want to work. What they should have done was to send you to the Disability Employment advisor who is based at the job centre. This person can help you find a suitable job for you and also advise on certain disability benefits you may be able to claim like DLA. For more information on your rights and help available please have a look at our booklet on 'Working with Arthritis.' you can eitherr download it fro our website:

    or, I can send it to you if you private message us with your postal address.

    There is also more info on the website that may help :

    If you wish to discuss this further just give us a call.

    best wishes