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My wife has RA and she feels the cold much more than normal. This means that we use much more fuel for heating than is considered normal. We are with Staywarm for gas and electricity and we have had a letter saying that if we continue to use more than average amounts of fuel we will be faced with a higher charge.
Does anyone know if any suppliers make allowances for people who need extra heat because of health problems? I am sure that it is the RA which is the reason why my wife feels the cold to such a degree.


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    Keeping warm in winter is a common problem for people with disabilities and long term conditions.
    This has received a lot of publicity recently and energy providers are becoming more aware of it. Many of them are offering a special tariff or payment plan to help you manage your bills. Do contact yours and ask how they can help you.
    The following link is to the government booklet 'Keep Warm Keep Well' which discusses different aspects of heating and keeping well, and services or benefits you may be entitled to. It has lots of useful helpline numbers.


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