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I have just come from the hospital where I signed the consent form to have my hip replaced, which could be before Christmas.
I get quite bad eczema. (The steroid treatments are the course of my arthritis.) My treatments involve daily baths. I understand that for a period of about two months after the operation that bathing is not allowed. I asked the surgeon about this and he said I will have to have showers, and I explained that showers don't help me. I am going to make an appointment with my Doctor to see if he can help, but before I do do you know anything that can help please. and please don't say showers because I feel like taking the shower out and saying now what! Thanks for your help.


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    Hello Metalmick

    It is most likely your surgeon said what he did due to the physical manipulation of the hip joint that is involved in getting in and out of the bath. After your wound has healed which will take two to three weeks there is no reason why you can't have a bath provided that you use a hoist or bath lift mechanism to help lower you into the bath. You will probably need an OT assessment which your GP may be able to speed up as Christmas is coming up soon and OT assessments often have a long waiting list. It may be a good idea to talk to the hospital OTs as well. This should have been addressed during your preop appointment. I hope your GP is able to help.

    Best wishes