Hospital Visit Discussed

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I've discussed my hospital visit with my nice GP. She is very helpful and sympathetic and is going to phone them to chase up the information and check its OK. She is not very pleased, but said this is the way hospitals tend to treat people now, and just want to do things as quickly as possible. She says she needs more information than the letter they gave me with Daignosis: oa and cts' and needs a proper report and the scan, so I feel much better about things now. Sorry to keep on moaning :oops: I think my lovely hubby is going to throw me out soon! Love Sue


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    Ah Sue
    that sounds a bit better. Hopefully she will be able to get to the bottom of it all and it we be a bit clearer!
    Bet you feel better for seeing her :)
    Take care
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    Hi Sue,
    Thank heavan you've got a good gp - she sounds wonderful. Don't think your man will throw you out .... we're too useful!
    Moan away, lass .... that's why we're here.