Going back to work

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tomorrow yea I have a moving and handling course tomorrow (Monday) I can only hope that I manage it as it is an all day course and I have my first shift on the ward on Wed it is only for four hours and I am so Looking forward to it it has been a long time coming round I was hoping to enjoy my last weekend finishing off the xmas shopping I have been doing it for months as I can only do a little at a time but was so ill with sickness over the end of the week nothing was done lol but much better now I was bringing up all the drugs that I take for Arther so I haven't had anything for about 3 days and boy can I feel it so I am going to start them today with the hope that I will be movable tomorrow. As you can guess nothing is going to stop me from starting work tomorrow I am being single minded. Well I think that is all my news for now and I hope that you are all well, well as well as can be expected in this really cold weather.



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    I'm glad that you are going back to work again, and I'm sure that you will be fine. Sorry you have had such a rotten time last week, and could'nt enjoy getting things up--to-date. I'll think of you and send you all good wishes,. Love Sue.
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    Good for you - determination like this is what earns us our goals. Good luck for Wednesday - hope you have a really brill day Michelle. :D

    Luv Legs :D
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    Good luck, hope all goes well for you. Linda