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I use a computer for work and a mouse and was wondering if anyone had a special mouse to help with hand pain as I am struggeling at the moment.



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    Hi Pollyb,
    How are you...
    I, use a computer and keyboard every day for work. Are you on a computer for many hours? try and take breaks as much as you need and can.

    You can get lots of different options, google : QUILL MOUSE, ERGONOMIC KEYBOARDS/ MICE MOUSE, TOUCHPADS AND ROLLERBALLS. There are lots out there for RSI and arthritis problems, bagger work and make sure they provide you with something more comfortable.

    I use a tablet and Stylus, works just like a pen, and a roller ball mouse. My hands do hurt /ache lots so I find I switch quite regularly between a roller ball mouse and my tablet. The mouse I have is quite low, so there is less strain on my wrists.
    As mad as this sounds, I do lots of stretching exercises with my hands thought-out the day, much to the bemusement of fellow colleagues!
    Hope this helps

    Sarah x
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    see your personal messages for info
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    I have just returned to work after 10 months absence due to arthritis in my neck, this has a severe effect on my shoulder, arm and hand. I was recommended an Evoluent vertical mouse by my occupational health nurse. I have found that this makes a huge difference as your arm is in its natural position. Like anything if you use it for a while it causes aches and pains but I cannot use a standard one at all now. I know they are expensive but they are very good.
    Hope this helps. :D
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    hi I have got a quill mouse and it is fantastic you can get software that can be put on your pc so you dont even have to click on the mouse
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    Hi, I've got OA in my hand and wrist, and was really struggling with using a mouse at work until my manager agreed to order me a 3M mouse, as recommended by someone working for the same organisation who has arthritis in his thumb. ( Looks like an ordinary mouse with a fixed joystick on its back.)
    The difference has been amazing - less pain in my thumb and also fewer problems with my wrist and forearm. (I also tried a Quill mouse, but, though it was an improvement on an ordinary mouse, I didn't dind it as good as the 3M one.)

    Obviously any one mouse type won't suit everybody, but this one seems worth a try.
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    pollyb wrote:
    I use a computer for work and a mouse and was wondering if anyone had a special mouse to help with hand pain as I am struggeling at the moment.

    Try to teach youself yo use both hands. I can now operate the mouse equally well with either hand. Apparently to do this is also a good exercise for the brain.