Occy health on WEdnesday

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I am going to see the doc at occcy health on Wednesday morning. I know that it might well mean the end of working in the job I love as a carer with the elderly. I've talked to my manager, who has been honest, and as helpful as I think she can be and told me that the work is not something I am able to do, in her opinion and I've had so much time off 10 months last year and 3 months this year. I hope that they will be able to offer some kind of redeploymenrt or training, as I work for Social Services, but I am unsure. Anyway, I lot hangs on the doctors report, so think of me, on Wednesday morning as I feel quite nervous. Thank you. Sue.


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    Hi Sue,
    I wish you all the best for Wednesday xx
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    Best of luck for Wednesday Sue - maybe it will mean a new beginning for you in another area of work. Fingers crossed - OUCH!

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    Hi Sue
    Good luck for wednesday - lets hope it's not theend of something, but the START of something better!
    Toni x