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Ok, new to all this, found this site and hope you can help.

Im 31, in pain and scared.

I have joint pain, knees, shoulders, hands and ankles mainly. Its not an injury as I havent had any in the last year or so. My joints crack and creak, (if it didnt hurt it would be quite musical and funny!)
Although I have no way to check my family history I do know arthritis has been in the female side of my family for at least three generations.

Could this all mean I may have arthritis? Am I being paranoid or should I see my GP?

Any feedback gratefully received.


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    Dear Terrortot,

    This being scared is a tough one. I wonder whether you might find it helpful to have a bit of a heart to heart with someone about this? You are welcome to ring us if that's a help.

    If you can get past these feelings, it's difficult to think of a disadvantage to talking to a (kind) GP. Taking a friend along if the GP is not so easy... can be helpful.

    Whatever the cause of your pain, once you know about it virtually every condition can be helped with physiotherapy and lifestyle change. You will have medication options to help relieve pain. But the key here is there will be choices.

    No one can push you into anything you don't want.
    Even if you have mixed feelings about talking about your situation, you can explore things anonymously with us and online if you prefer.

    If you go to our publications pages, see coping with pain and the booklets on healthy eating and exercise. These kinds of things are the bedrock of good self-management, and can help.

    Hope that gives you some ideas
    all the best