Hi I'm a newbie!

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Just wanted a little advice - I have been diagnosed with RA and currently on Sulphasazaline and prednisolone (10mg)

I'm in my 4th week and have been increasing one tablet each week - I did have a few probs increasing from 1 to 2 but on 2 to 3 last Saturday - its been an absolute nightmare!

I have had a very very bad headache since Sunday and diarrhoea and I have therefore been frightened to take more than 1 tablet per day.

I also take citalopram (depression) and wonder what is the point?

I feel generally unwell, a bit down and in pain - any advice would be appreciated.

ps was due to have my flu jab on Monday but they wouldn't give it to me as I was poorly and I have an appointment to see the GP on Thursday to discuss my citalopram.

Thanks :(


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    Hi Barb,

    Sorry to hear that things are tough right now. If you are feeling quite unwell you may be able to ring the rheumatology nurse and get their advice. Because treatments take quite a long time to impact on your immune system, it can feel like no progress is being made, and that is not always the case.

    The thing with the headaches is that they may not be a long-term problem necessarily, and it would definitely be worth having your mind put at rest.

    I'm not entirely sure whether feeling low may not be the main issue you are concerned with right now, more than the arthritis. So it's a good that you have the GP appointment where you going to be discussing that properly.

    You would be welcome to give us a ring if you feel like talking over what's happening arthritiswise.

    And of course if things are relatively new, it's very important to have good information about all of this stuff. If you just e-mail your full name and address to helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk we'll post you out information about self-management and arthritis.

    If I've missed anything, just come straight back.
    I hope we can help