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Occy Health Visit

woodbonwoodbon Posts: 4,969
Hello! I've been to Occy Health this morning to see the doc. He was fine, but after examnining me, and reading previous notes, he decided that I may not be able to go back to my old job, but he wants a report from my GP & hospital report to make up his mind?? I'm sure I signed some time ago to permit this, but afraid not THIS time. :? Oh well, he says that he cann't give a decision to HR my long term status, but thinks it will have to be early retirement as the work is too heavy. He says I am not fit to work at the present and wants my GPs opinion on whether I ever will be. He didn't hold out a lot of hope, though. He says it takes time for the paperwork to be compleated and the reports to be considered before releasing my PENSION. I did expect this, but still feel a bit down and on the scrap heap which is silly, I suppose. If I have to go, I would like to get on with things and start to sort out what I am going to do. Work are linking my neck problems with an injury I had a couple of years ago, when someone grabbed me in panic to pull themselves up. I may talk to the union, as I pay enough!!!
I do feel they are being fare, but SLOW. I REALLY, REALLY, WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK!! Ohh, and I've just started a cold and my left hand is very painful today..... I'll stop moaning now. Sorry, I know loads of you are worse than me and have young children to cope with as well, so I WILL be positive or hubby will give me a shake!!! Ummm..... maybe......Thanks everyone, sorry its so long. Love Sue. xxx


  • magentamagenta Posts: 1,604
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Sue,
    I don't really know what to say to you. I'm sorry about today but firstly I would go to union about the neck injury and get the ball rolling with that.
    Did they mention anything about redeployment?
    I sort of know how you're feeling, years ago when I was first diagnosed, I had loads of problems with my work colleagues-bullying, discrimination etc, etc and took out a grievance against my employers. Cut a long story short, my grievance didn't come to anything cos witnesses of bullying etc were too scared to make statements. Within 5mins of hearing this, Occy Health called for me and this c*w of a woman dr told me they wanted me to retire due to ill health! I was only 32 and they didn't recognise seroneg arthritis as an illness so I wouldn't get my pension! I felt sick and angry and that life was so unfair. I feel for you Sue, they surely must be able to come up with something else for you to do. A friend of my mum who was a nurse got diagnosed with MS and she got a new job through redeployment. I think it was more clerical and patient counselling? She loves it! I hope this helps :?
    Magenta xxx
  • woodbonwoodbon Posts: 4,969
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi, The oh doc wanted a full report from my GP before making up his mind. I am going to phone the union, to see what the position is, regarding redeployment. Their are jobs that involve with social workers, drawing up care plans, etc and I would like to do tha - last year I almost got a job doing that with learning difficulties, but the person that got it in the end had a degree, which is more than I have, but the person interviewing me said that the qualificaion was the only reason they had to employ the other person and that he consider that I should keep applying for these posts, when they come up. I do have the basic qualifications and experience but it is on a higher scale, so redeployment to that may not be easy. At the moment the occy health doc says I'm not fit for work yet but hopes 2months make a difference. I don't know what HR will say though :| Love Sue
  • magentamagenta Posts: 1,604
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Sue,
    You're sounding positive about things, that's great :) The other jobs that you're looking at could be just the ticket, go for it girl. Thinking of you and hopefully things work out for the best for you-maybe you'll win the lottery :wink: then you won't have to work at all!
    Magenta x
  • colinbcolinb Posts: 66
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    just remember..if they are linking the neck injury to a work related incedent which wasnt your fault...get the claim in for compensation...3 year time limit if memory serves right.
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