Coming off incapacity benefit and onto Job seekers

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Hi Team

Hope you are all well. Sorry I need a bit of a rant and as ever you advice is greatly appreciated.

I have been of work for 2 and a half years with Reactive Arthur. This time last year I tried a new combination of drugs and have been making a steady improvement and to cut a long story short I saw my GP 2 weeks ago and he signed me fit for work. This was a really exciting time for me - I had been waiting for this day for so long and I felt like I had finally made it - hurrah!!

I was a full time secondary teacher before I became ill and we agreed that I should aim to go back to work for 3 days a week. I signed on for Jobseekers last week and on friday I went to my first job seekers interview.

Well the woman I saw was so rude and basically implied that I was totally silly to voluntary come off incapacity and go on to job seekers. She said that I should of waited until I totally recovered, hello there is no cure for Arthritis and I think that I would of waited a long time - perhaps for ever.

I then told her that I had started a part time college course (just 2 hours a week) to learn new skills and that was like a red rag to a bull and she said that my main priority should be finding a job and not going to college.

Then as the conversation went on - she said that I was down as a (some code) that meant that I was disadvantaged in the labour market and so they did not expect me to find a job.

I was so disheartened by the whole experience and I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. I had fought so hard to get myself well to be able to get some normality back in life. She then said that she needed evidence to say that I can only work 3 days a week.

Basically any wind that I had in my sail - she has taken away. I am not going to give up - but so much for all the reports and all the media stuff about trying to get back to work with help and support. Well I don't feel that I got any. I did ask her about what to put on my job history as I have had a 2 year break and she just said that was very tricky and just put not employed and discuss it at interview.

Ok - I know I am feeling a bit sorry for myself, I don't know what I expected but I felt she did not know me from adam and she judged me straight away and I felt discriminated against.

Anyway - thanks for the rant, had a little cry when typing this - I think I needed to get it out of my system. I will look for a job and not let her negativity affect me.

But if you have any info or help - then could you private message me and then I can give you my address if you have any info.

Thanksa - Fayann xxxx