inflammatory markers

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My son is diagnosed with enthesisis related JIA.
his inflammation levels are normal.
Does this mean its not arthritis?


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    Hi Julie

    JIA is a fluctuating condition and blood inflammation levels can go up & down.
    The aim of medications such as Steroids, Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) and Disease Modifying drugs like Methotrexate is to bring the level of inflammation down.
    In some children JIA does 'burn itself out' but this would only be considered if your son's inflammation levels stay down and his symptoms disappear for a long time.
    Talk to his doctors about whether they think his diagnosis still applies.
    If you want to chat to one of us here and give us a few more details about your son, just ring us on the Helpline.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Julie,

    My inflammatory markers are never above normal, even when I'm visibly swollen, joints bright red and burning to touch. I definately have RA though. Bloodwork can be incredibly frustrating and often doesn't tell the whole story. My doctors and I have learnt to go by my haemaglobin levels as the frequently drop when I'm flaring, making me anaemic.