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Hi... im a newbie &+ ii have had Rayaud's for just over a year now... ii need a bit of advice! ii have a horse and i have to go and sort her out every morning : on the week days morning ii spend up to 30 mins there on weekends or holidays ii spend most of the day there.. i am still at school. Some days ii sometimes struggle with the pain as it reli hurts! since last week ii have found out that surgical gloves really help me not lose circulation in my fingers if i wear them under my normal gloves!

Any help or tips would be great :) !


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Hi Beth i'm an older person who offten reads the young peoples forum, I have no tips for you as i have tried all sorts of things. The best thing i have found so far is what you are doing with the surgical gloves its all about keeping the hands warm and they do a good job. You can buy heated gloves that run on batteries but i fear they would be no good for mucking out or grooming. Even when the weather is just a little cold i get the problem with my hands. i find the surgical gloves keep my hands warm and because they are a tight fit i can grip things better than with normal gloves.
I do have one tip for you and that is to put the surgical gloves on whilst your hands are warm don't waite for them to get cold if you do it this way it takes the sting and the pain out of them. Take care


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    :mrgreen: hi beth im not young either but have got 2 horses who luckilly keep at home now but have kept them at livery on and off over the years, hot drinks where my biggest saviour tea or hot drinks good for wrapping your hands around and warming up, also hot water bottles and the little hot packs that you click a metal disc to heat up, layers of clothing are better than chunky jumpers. ive got raynauds and RA i cant ride any more as i cant get on and off i also used to struggle after a cold ride to undo my tack dont be afraid to take your time i would chuck a rug over my horse tie him up and have a cup of tea before returning to untack i would also dismount on a mounting block or hay bale as my feet felt like they were shattering jumping on to the concrete, yards can be quite bitchy so dont be put off doing whats best for you or asking for help. rubber matting is fantastic, loose hay on the floor is better for your horse anyway, check fasteners on rugs before you buy i cant manage the spring clip very well on leg straps