Confused After Hospital Visit

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Hi I attended the day case unit today and had DAS scores done to enable argument for changing my meds to anti-tnf. Had a really good chat with the nurse and explained that I couldn't tolerate methotrexate and therefore Infliximab would be out of the question. She then told me that Infliximab belonged in a family of three drugs 2 of them were to be given with methotrexate as the methotrexate acted to stop your body rejecting the drugs but there was a third one that didn't need methotrexate and I cannot remember what the name was. Can you help? I wanted to look up info on it before next visit. Thanks


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    Hi there,

    I'm guessing here (we are not medically qualified) that the drug might be retuximab (it's a b cell treatment).

    Though when you do get to talk to the rheumatologist you may find that anti TNF may still be an option, because the doses of methotrexate may be able to be low enough to improve your chances of tolerating it.

    I know we've answered some of your postings recently, I wonder whether you've had one of our information packs yet? You might find that one of our self-management groups a helpful idea - so we'd be happy to send you info on all that (including retuximab if you'd like). Just e-mail

    Hope that helps