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About 12-13 months ago i had a lot of problems with pain in my knees lower back shoulders and neck. Mainly my knees. After several visits to the my GP i was sent for physio which didn't help at all. After another visit to my GP. From there i was sent to a see a GP who specialized in rheumatology. I assumed i had arthritis which runs in the family. He told me that i didn't but that i had mechanical joint pain caused through use and that there was nothing he could do for me and to learn to live with the constant pain. After several more visits to my GP i have been but on diclofenac sodium and codeine phosphate. I have attempted to find out more information about mechanical joint pain with out much look the things i have found point me to osteoarthritis which as got me a little confused and was hoping someone could help me.


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    Osteoarthritis is sometimes referred to as 'mechanical' meaning a degeneration or wearing away of the cartilage as opposed to being an auto immune condition like rheumatoid arthritis.
    The medications your GP has prescribed and your referral to physio would also be appropriate for osteoarthritis.
    I would suggest you go back to this GP and ask if he does mean osteoarthritis and give you a proper diagnosis rather than this vague term 'mechanical joint pain'.
    Armed with some information can be helpful in these situations and you might find our booklet 'Living with Osteoarthritis' useful. It can be downloaded from our website or I can post it to you if you send us a private message with your address.
    If you want to talk things through with one of us just ring us on our freephone number.

    Best wishes

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    Hi thanks for the reply. The reason he gave for it not being arthritis is that i have full movement in my joints. He didn't really explain why i had the pain in my back neck and shoulders just that the pain in my knees is caused by the knee caps not being in the right place all the time. I will have a read of the booklet you suggested and head back to my GP again thank you for your help.