Methotrexate and Dentist

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I am due at the dentist in early jan for some fillings in Inlays. I am on metho plus other stuff as well. Does my dentist need to know I am on these drugs and for what reasons.?


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    please excuse me for butting in here ..... but I too take MTX and thought my experiences may help you.

    I have been taking MTX for a number of years and I take quite a high dose (just raised to 25mg).

    I have always had problems with my gums being inflamed, but since having RA this has been more of a problem. I have had extra help at the dentist, and because they know that I take MTX and am therefore less able to fight off infections, they take greater care when treating me. I often have a hand scale rather than them using the machine and they take an inflammation reading (not sure what the technical term is!) each time I have a check-up.

    They ask me every time I go if there is any change in my meds, and this I understand is for several reasons:

    so that they can look out for any side effects of the medications (esp mouth ulcers with the MTX )

    so that they can avoid giving me any drugs that would interact with my meds

    and so that they know my medical history should there be an emergency during treatment.

    My dentist has been very very helpful about my gum problems and can tell me when anything may be drug related or just 'normal', so I would really recommend that you keep your dentist informed.

    best of luck with the appointment!
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    Thank you Wonkylegs - I couldn't have put it better myself !

    Cancan, treat your dentist like any other health professional. The more information they have about your condition and medications, the better they will be able to look after you.

    Best wishes

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    Thankyou very much, that is extremely helpful. Sounds like you are lucky to have a good dentist. Do you go private?
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    No I don't go private - it is an NHS dentist, with a number of recently-qualified staff and I can't fault them.

    I was terrified of dentists following bad experiences in the past, and they have taken a lot of time to help me through this problem, so that I can even look forward to going to see them :shock:

    Hope you can find someone who is sympathetic too.