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I've just had a copy of the report from the occy health doc I saw a few weeks ago. Most is as I expected. Hes written to my GP for a report and wants to see the MRI & test results. before deciding my ability to return to work. He does say that at this time he is concerned about my long term ability to return to work. He will see me in 2 months. Its what he told me but its depressing seeing it in writting :(

Also HR have told me to keep in touch with my manager so I don't feel "isolated, vulnrerable and out of touch". I know this is well ment and I have been doing this, but its not easy knowing when to call or go in as its a very busy place, although I am always made welcome. I do feel it would be nice if my manager rang me sometimes and didn't leave all the running to me. So I rang HR up and told them! They were nice and said they would mention it to her in a way that didn't make it sound as if it came from me. I suppose I'M being a bit over sensitive! I know things will work out in the end, but I admit to feeling a bit down today :( Sorry to moan.


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    Don't worry about moaning, that's what we're here for. I'm self-employed so don't experience the same problems as you but I certainly know what it's like to feel 'down' - it's only human.

    I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year and that your work situation will be sorted in a way that you can feel happy with.

    Take care