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Hi all
Just had my sons consultant on the phone (working late) :shock:
All the blood tests are back most of which were unremarkable but he has shown positive for HLA B27 which together with his symptoms are giving us a diagnosis of enthesites related JIA.
They are suggesting that they start him on etanercept which would mean an injection once a week and blood tests monthly.
I know this treatment is really hard to get and am really grateful that he is being offered it, but I would like to get as much information about it as possible. I've got till next week to think about things sooooooo anyone out there with any thoughts???


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    Hi Julie,

    I'm on Humira, Enbrel's sister drug and it has done wonders for my RA. It has been my miracle drug and put my RA into a drug-induced remission. I'll probably never be able to come off the drugs as they keep my RA stable, and I still have the occassional flare up but things are so much better now than they were 6 months ago.

    The potential side-effects of the drug are scary, but, I think, worth it. My quality of life now is so much better, even with having to avoid certain foods due to infection risks and having to be extra vigilant.

    Good luck, to both you and Sam. If you decide to go with the Enbrel I hope it is the drug which turns things around.
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    Hi Julie
    i know what it's like having to make decisions for your kids :? worse than for yourself. (My youngest has epilepsy).
    I have no experience of this one though, but I think i would listen to the advice of the guys on the forum and I think if it was me....I'd give iot a go :shock: Sam has suffered loads hasn'y he :?: Does he want to give it a go :?:
    Good luck Julie and do let us know what happens
    Toni x
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    Hii there,
    So sorry to hear about your son :(
    I'm 15, and i've been on Entanercept (enbrel) for over a year now, i started off once weekly and didn't see any change, then when i switch to twice weekly saw a massive improvement with no side effects apart from a couple of fever like times but well worth it i would say it has to be one of the best treatments out there, and i've heard very little people speak aboutt side effects apart from maybe more colds? which can be a pain.
    You could always try it, the injections are so easy to get used to, he'll be an expert in no time :)

    Feel free to message me if you have any other questions you think i might be able to answer,
    Lots of love,