oh boy trying to pratice what they preach

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as u all know,doing physio exercises,trying to rest.iv got muscle spasms left right & centre.told o/h & family iv done my bit for xmas,now all i want for xmas is rest,rest & more rest.layed on sofa & the spasms now have moved to my bum. jump in pain,the shoulder spasms were bad enough.but now im shouting in pain infront of people & the looks i get :roll: in t....s xmas shopping got people looking at me cause iv had to stop striking pains in legs,back etc.cant move til its subsided & the ocuh!!!!.it doesnt help that iv watched a few tv programmes that have made me jump & its put my neck out.should we ban shopping & scary tv. lifes never gonna b the same,wish i didnt have to cook that damn turkey.gonna start new yr with gp appoint ,back to rhymy & better pain relief .xmas wishes debs


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    Poor old you Debs!
    I really have an amazing mental picture of you leaping around all over the place!!!
    Seriously though I think I might cook that nl***y bird tonight - maybe you could do the same and get it over with?
    I think your New Yera resolution is a good one and positive too :!:
    I do hope those spasms settle very soon
    Toni xx