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My mother has arthritis in her hands. She recently showed me an advert for some Heat Therapy gloves. I could provide a website but I am not trying to advertise them and I'm not sure if that is the done thing on this forum!

They are made of Neoprene and cover the same area as a normal glove but leave the finger and thumb tips uncovered and purport to be theraputic by helping to ease everyday tasks from sewing to typing by increasing blood flow and soothing aching joints. They cost about £22. However, I noted a similar product on Amazon for £12 with a user comment that they did not work and were just exploiting the disability.

My questions are: Have any contributors used such a glove ? Do they work? Would you recommend them?



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    i pmd you about this after your first post incase you didnt see it i get a lot of relief from the ones from the hospital
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    Thanks for your reply. I have not received a private message from you but thanks for trying.