what should a consultant app go like?

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got my 4th consultant app next week and im not sure what i should be getting from this or what i should be making him aware of? ive never been explained what this is about, i do feel i not getting any further ive made a list of how my disease has been should i give this to him and if mtx not working should i ment other meds?? is that something i can do? :lol:


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    Hi Kezzo
    An Out Patient appointment is about you & your doctor discussing how you've been since he last saw you and how effective your treatment has been.
    If you have written down what has been happening to you then you can certainly show this to him.
    You've been on Methotrexate for a while now and if you feel it's not helping you then this is the opportunity to discuss other treatment options with him.
    Plan your appointment and think about what you want to say and ask so you make the most of your time.
    Best wishes