Been to my first interview

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Hi everyone

Just a little post to say hi and give you an update. I was signed off incapacity benefit at the end of november and I am now a job seeker. Some of you may of read my SOS post to the helpline team as I had a really horrendous experience at the job centre.

But I am pleased to say that yesterday I went for my first interview with a supply teaching agency. I filled out the 20 page application form and took it with me. I also have to answer 2 pages of questions about how I would handle a class and then write a short essay on my 'philosophy of teaching'. It took me so long to fill it all out that I wrote my mini essay on the train journey on the way. They went through all my qualifications and then asked me more questions.

But it was positive, they commented on how well I had filled out all the forms and my good answers. I have just got to wait for my CRB check and then they will give me work. So it was really positive and I feel like I am finally getting there on this long journey. They commented on all the experience i had and I felt like they were interested in me and not my illness. They said that I did not look like I had been ill for 2 years - but as we all know - we don't always look ill when we are.

Well i hope that working for them will help me - I can work when I want and I so don't have the pressure of a permanent job and so hopefully it will work out well and the pay will hopefully help me to make ends meet.

So - thanks everyone for your help and support as i know that you are all behind me. I will be back to moan when they send me to the sink school and I wonder what I have let myself into!!! he he he.

Fayann xxxxx


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    well done Fayann!!!!!

    so pleased that you experience today was positive. :D:D

    Hope the CRB check comes through quickly for you - round here they seem to be taking a really long time - depends on the police force Ithink.

    fingers crossed for you!!!!!!
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    Glad to hear....good luck
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    p.s just read your msg to helpline...could you put for 2 years not working, a career break or studying etc?
    as for job centre scenario sounds like usual government hype saying they will help people but not giving job centre staff the training or tools to help people but of course sounds good in the media doesnt it/ all the best.
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    well done you , in the topsy turvy job market thats brilliant ,,xx
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    Thanks for all your encouragement. It means a lot to me.

    I did think about saying that I had had a career break etc. But I decided that I have nothing to hide. In my last job - I gave in my notice in march 2006 - this was when i was first beginning to feel ill, but no diagnosis and the dr said that it was stress, new job etc and I needed change in lifestyle. So put my flat on the market, arranged a year out. a 6 month placement in canada through my church and was going to travel. But got sick in may - so I left my job and had a gap year at home!! So it is good that I did not leave through to illness etc.

    I filled out all the medical questionnaire - put on my drugs on, drs that I see etc and just see what happens.

    Crbs are taking 4-6 weeks - so hopefully i will know sooner rather than later. They have applied for all my references and so will just have to wait. Have seen some other jobs in paper - so will get applying and see what happens.

    Thanks everyone - happy new year to all

    Fayann xxxx
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    I'm a supply teacher -- and I can really recommend it.

    Once you've learned how to win the confodence of the kids quickly --and how to turn some other teacher's plan into a stimulating lesson -- it's a joy. You go home feeling you've done a good day's work.

    My RA is new -- if it means I shall have to give up supply teaching I shall be very disappointed.

    One word of advice -- go for day to day work rather than a long term committment to a school. The longer term the committment, the more the school's management will ask you to take on!

    Do let me know how your first booking goes.
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    Hi there - averynice man!!

    Great to hear from you and thanks for you advice. Yes, I am just starting off with day to day work and am hoping to do 3 days a week to start off. will just see what happens.

    I will let you know when I have got my crb and I do my first booking! I might need some advice from you as I have never done supply before.

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    Yes, I think you are wise not to do to much at first as it will take a while just to get used to goint to work :!: Also, if you olny take on the odd days, you'll have time to rest and time to have the odd bad day. :roll: :wink: