Advice about big toe fusion please

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Could I have some advice please about a big toe fusion? I have an orthopaedic apnt a week on Tues. I have been having problems for approx 2.5 years and have been managed with steroid jabs, orthotics and extra deep orthopaedic footwear with rocker soles. At my last apntmt we began to discuss whether fusion would be an option (as the doctor put it, he was waiting for the joint to finish destroying itself: nice!) but he felt I was too young at 31. Joint replacement has never been mentioned, just fusion. I have heard mixed messages about fusion and wonder if my expectations may be unrealistic. I would love to be able to walk without pain and would hope to be able to wear standard shoes without the need for orthotics, etc, although the pain I am in would be the decider about whether to go ahead, not footwear. I consider the limitations with walking, etc and the difficulties I experience at work to be reason enough, without regard to my age, but am unsure as to whether to really push for it yet?
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    Hi Josie

    It seems like you have given this quite a lot of thought already. It difficult to have a proper two way discussion about this over the forum so I wonder if you would consider calling us to really talk through your anxieties and concerns etc. It would be helpful to discuss what your uncertainties are and what is holding you back in order to help you through the process of decision making. In oder to make any comment on whether or not your expectaions are realistic or not it would be helpful to know what they are and what you are basing them on.

    I hope you find the time to phone in regarding the matter so that we can at least help you figure out the right questions to ask at your appointment next week, if we are unable to provide the answers. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes