oh what a lovely dream!

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i had a dream thinking that i was awake the other morning,
in the dream i got out of bed and danced light as air spinning around the room, in my dream i was thinking wow am cured.
i also looked in the mirror and thought wow my boobs looked small and it was then that i realised that i was in fact dreaming and the spell was broken and the alarm clock woke me up. :cry:

i don't know what upset me more knowing that i wasn't cured or that in fact i still had my very large boobs :o



  • nearlybionic
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    Ha ha!! :lol:
    If you find a way of making that dream come true please forward the recipe!!! :mrgreen:
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    Well, my Mum used to hold her rather ample bosom and say
    "theres many a woman would pay thousands for these" :)

    (mind you, she also used to say they 'got in the way' too lol)

    We're never happy girls are we :!: