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Hi all, just a quick question? Can the Rheumatoid Factor be positive when tested and then negative when tested again?

thanks xx


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    Hi Sunshine,

    Sorry can't answer your question :oops: but have added to the post so that it brings it up to the top of the message board again and hopefully someone who knows will answer you :wink:

    Luv Legs :D
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    Hi I know when I was first being diagnosed the rf was negative, low positive, high positive then negative and finally positive again so I think it can fluctuate not sure if it is just in the beginning or not though, sorry I cant give you more info.
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    I just had a quick look on the net and from what I read you can get a negative and then positive result from a blood test and vice versa when checking for RA.

    It would appear it is imperative to get a rheumy who will listen to you. You know your own body and how you feel more than any blood test result and anyone else. RA can be very difficult to diagnose.

    Elna x