Totally Exhausted

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Hi Everyone, I am feeling really rough tonight, my flipping neighbour woke me at 2.15am, judging by the giggling I heard I would say she was drunk. I didn't sleep after as I was worried about Malcolm and his eplilepsy, when I fed the cat at 7am I was aching all over, I have had a raging headache all day. As of tonight my joints are awful, I have had several Tramadol, I saw her briefly about 3.30pm, but didn't bother to talk to her at all, hope all of you feel ok love Jaspercatxx


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    Hi Jaspercat,
    You should have started hoovering whilst singing loudly to radio full blast, at 7am when you fed the cat. It would have served her right!
    Seriously though, hope tonight is better and you can rest your acheing joints. Mine are playing up tonight, the cold doesn`t help and I think we are going to have to get a new mattress. Our current one is on its last legs well springs!!
    sweet dreams!!!
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    Hi Jaspercat
    Sorry you're feeling awful. :( not for nothing is sleep deprivation an instrument of torture. I remember when I was living in a flat in London, my neighbours could be very noisy and unthoughtful. Once when one kept me awake laughing and talking very loudly and drunkenly, and then rowing with her man friend in the wee small hours, I went and hammered on her door at 7.45am the next morning on my way to work, and guess what - she wasn't so boisterous then, and even apologised when I had a moan. Didn't stop her doing it again of course, but i felt a whole heap better at the time.
    Take care of yourself, and get some rest if you can, and hopefully the pain will lessen. Here's a gentle cyber hug ().
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    jaspercat wrote:
    Hi jaspercat,
    I'm sorry you have had such a bad night but like nearlybionic said people making noise late at night are still asleep first thing. I hope when you have had a decent nights sleep all your joints feel easier. Just mind how many tranadol you take and if they aren't working may be see if you could have some different ones?
    I don't know if your joints respond better to warmth or cold but try which evers best for them and turn in. I hope your a lot better tommorow. Take care, cris
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    Hi there,
    Sorry to hear about your neighbour not allowing you to sleep. I really can sympathise. Hope tonight is better.
    I've been feeling really rough for a few weeks - hence the silence BUT I just had to share my experience on this one and perhaps make you smile.

    Years ago, the then next door (blokes) had an all-night party from hell. I tried to sleep on the floor in the hall and got madder and madder. The following morning I decided to retaliate so I filled a big bucket with water, trundled up their path and rang the bell. I waited and waited. Finally a couple of dishevelled bits of humanity opened the door and I threw the bucket of water all over the pair of them and the hall. 'You've kept me awake all night,' I yelled 'and there is no way you are going to lie and sleep while I've got to go to work.' Then I left. They were absolutely stunned. I had no further problems. Shouldn't think I could get away with it these days - I'd be strung from the nearest lamp post.
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    NIce one Jeannie, but I expect nowadays you would get sent to prison for assualt!!! Bet it felt GOOD though!!
    Sorry Jaspercat hope last night was better!
    Toni x
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    Hi Kat can you contact your LA about noise abatement and noise levels at unsocilable hours as they can monitor such things I lived next door to a noisy drugs house once and it was monitored and once noisy tenants were warned it was better atb chrisov
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    Hi, thanks everyone for your replies, alas last nght she started again, 1.45am she went to bed, the kid was running aound at 7.30am, then while I was having a lie-in she was banging and slamming doors because the kid was still asleep, I wish that I was!!
    I m getting on to the landlord on monday about her behaviour, she knocked on our day a while ago, but we just ignored her, she is fast enough to come round when she wants a favour love Jaspercatxx
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    Hi jaspercat I do sympathise with you I remember A few years ago before my mother died she stayed with her partner quite a lot but his neighbours were awful playing loud music at all hours every night my mother knocked on their door on a number of occasions but they just carried on regardless :oops:
    so my mother got in touch with the local council they monitored the noise levels had several warnings but it continued every night in the end it made my mother so ill :cry:
    we came up with a solution which I know might not help you but this was just a thought if it helps
    my mother & her partner moved into to my mothers house
    we gave those idiots a taste of their own medicine by fixing speakers on to the walls having music playing from 7 o'clock every morning until 11 o'clock we did that for two weeks none stop we knew this was when they slept
    never heard from them again :wink:
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    Hi Jaspercat a little story to cheer you a bit hope your feeling better

    A funny story to cheer you up, At butlins years ago we met some old friends got drunk and had a 60s sing along in our chalet. Must have finished about 5am At 7am the people next door started banging on the wall with pots and pans. With nothing on except my shorts I stuck out my chest and banged on their front door A man came out and I shouted at him, its not me he said you better talk to the wife and he called her. It’s the man from the next chalet he shouted. She filled the doorway lol I had to look up at her and she must have been 25 stone, You, you little Fu—er she began to shout boy I s—t myself because not only was she big but ugly and as she shouted her face contorted, “Its the devil I thought “ as I took to my heals.