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Hello Simona and Val and everyone,
Thank you for you advice way back on 26 Nov about getting an OT, I had to make a bit of a fuss but the OT,s came out and were really helpful and are going to put an electric chair over the bath.

I have had a date for the surgery I have to be at the hospital at 0730 on 19th of March. I have avascular / osteo necrosis due to steroid treatments for eczema. They are going to attempt to replace both hips with ceramic ones during the same operation, They said the next day I would wake in Intensive care and should return home after about six days. I don't have anyone to look after me when I get home, which worries me a bit, but have arranged with the chemist to deliver prescriptions, and for the Nurse to come out if I need help with my skin, and I am going to order my food online from Tescos.

Is there anything else I need to do



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    Dear Mick,

    This is obviously a complicated situation for you, and planning ahead in this way gives you time to think things through. You would be welcome to ring and talk things over if you'd like.

    One important thing is that the hospital have to make a care plan for the post operative care, and you can raise any concerns you have about your care at home and get some idea of what help may be available.

    You also may find it helpful to talk things over with your GP to see if they can offer any suggestions.

    Many callers talk to us about making post surgical plans - some people go and stay somewhere for a couple of weeks (friends/relatives), but another option is to organise to check in with people by phone every day, and get someone to pop in occasionally.

    You may well find it helpful to talk to the OTs again - a good way in may include asking about practical things such as something to lean on while preparing food etc.

    Do you have any of our publications - such as the surgery booklet or the one about living independently? You can see them on our publications pages, or email us your name and postal address and we'll post them to you. (

    hope that helps
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    Hello Guy,
    Thank you for the advice, I will make an appointment with my GP to discuss it further, as I am concerned about coping the first few days out of hospital.
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    Hi Mick

    You are a brave soul. I really hope that you do have peeps who will phone you regularly and offer help and that you will not be backwards in coming forward asking for help too although I know this is not easy.

    What about meals on wheels for a week or two, at least it is someone else popping in, in the middle of the day and/or a carer calling in 1 - 3 times a day in the very early stages.

    Look after number 1!

    The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.

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    Hi Elna,
    Thanks very much for the support, and suggestions. I thought the carer idea a good one. I will look further into what is available.
    I hope you are managing to keep warm with all this cold weather about, roll on summer.
    Take care