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well i am feeling totally gobsmacked i have been awarded the higher rate for mobility and lower rate for care , back dated from end october , i really cant believe it thought i would be in for a fight , thank you all for advise about cab , good luck to you all ,xxxx :D:D:D:D
I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx


  • eckstardeluxe
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    Hi, congratulations, that's great news. Still waiting here, that's 7 weeks now. Hope I'll get my knock back soon! :lol:
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    Thats really good :!: Nice not to have to fight for it. :D:D
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    That is good news I was the same thinking I would have to fight for it but I didn't have to it was great.

    On the other hand I now have to fight for it as I am under investigation I sometimes wonder if others people have nothing else to do but make other peoples life a misery lol

    I am really pleased for you

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    Oh that`s great news! :mrgreen:
    I am pleased it went smoothly for you
    I am waiting to hear from dwp when they have spoken to my consultant.
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    Well Done Bertyboy
    I bet you feel a bit better now thats out of the way
    Take Care