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I'm confused. The knuckle joints in my hands get painful and swollen. they are worse in Winter. I dont recall getting it in Summer.
They are really painful when i wake up and ease during the day. My mum took me to the doctor and she said it was arthritis. I was 16. I'm 17 now. I had blood tests done but they were all alright so I had an xray of my hands and that was clear too.
so do i have arthritis or now?



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    Hi Happycat
    The word 'arthritis' means inflammation of the joints and it can be confusing when you have symptoms but no diagnosis.
    Ask your GP if he still thinks this is arthritis and, if not, then what is causing the pain and swelling in your knuckles. Sometimes arthritis doesn't show in a blood test the first time but if this is worrying you then ask for the tests to be repeated in a few months.
    Best wishes