Glucosamine sulphate-how much 4 how long

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Hi all,
I can't seem to find any definitive answer to this one.
The dosage is one thing but moreover I have been told that you should NOT take it indefinitely.
Yet I note on an advert for a daily mixed supplement it is listed as one of the main active ingredients.
Therefore does any one know what the official recommendations on this are.

Many thanks


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    Glucosamine is a supplement not a drug and not subject to the same strict regulations and guidelines about dosage. However it has had clinical trials where the dose used was 1500mgs a day so this is usually taken as the recommended dose.
    If you are taking one of the combination supplements then do check that it contains this amount of Glucosamine as some of them only contain a small amount.
    Glucosamine doesn't work for everyone and you need to take it for about 8 weeks before you can tell if it's going to work for you. Some studies suggest breaks in using Glucosamine e.g. 3 months off and 3 months on, but other recent research concludes that it should be continuous.
    Sorry not to be more definite on this but the long term effects of Glucosamine have not yet been studied.
    We have a written Factsheet on Glucosamine that I could post to you if you send us a private message with your address.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Val,
    Thanks for your reply.
    As you may know I live in Spain. I have just found out that this is available on prescription here but only if prescribed by rhumy.
    I have a feeling this is more to do with cost than any health issues in taking it.
    It was my GP who said not to take it all the time (which I have been doing). I realise it is a bit of a grey area on this hence my post.
    It is so hard to say if it does or doesn't make a difference, I feel it does and as it is a supplement and not a drug, feel it is worth it.
    I will continue to look into it but as no one seems to know for sure I guess it will have to come down to my own judgment.

    Many thanks for your help and advice, always appreciated.