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Hi guys, first off a wee introduction. im jen from scotland, 21 (on saturday so only just!) and i'm having a wee problem with my knee's and lower spine.

I've had problems with my knees for about 6 years now, but just put it down to over working as i was in college at the time it started and they were put under alot of strain doing sport for around 5 hours a day 4 days a week.

My knees are always stiff, mainly my left, my right isn't as bad but does have its days, my lower back is always sore in the morning and after resting. I find it hard to go through a day without a nap.

I know arthritis runs in my family although i'm not sure which kind, my aunt says that this is just plainy shouting that i have caught it in my gene pool. I have went to my doctor 3 times to try and at least get tested, but he keeps saying my left knee is just inflamed, and ignores my back problems.

I told him arthritis runs in my family (we've traced it back 4 generations so far) and has a young age onset, as my dad and aunt were diagnosed in their late teens but keeps saying i'm too young to even think about having the condition never mind having it.

I really don't know what to do, as it's getting worse and worse, to the point where somedays it is sore to use my left knee, and the right is sometimes just as bad.

Any pointers on what i should do?

Many thanks

Jen x


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    Hi Jen,

    Is your doctor a dinosaur by any chance :?

    It sounds to me that he isn't taking you for being too young to think about having arthritis, one of my dearest friends was 2 when she started with it :shock:

    You need to go back and insist on a blood test and further investigations and if you're not assertive enough, take someone with you who is. If he/she still refuses to help then tell them you want a second opinion - you're perfectly within your rights.

    I'm not saying you have arthritis, maybe your chances are more raised than most, but you really need to have your mind put at rest and it also sounds a though you could do with some anti-inflamatories or pain killers.

    Hope this helps. :)

    Luv Legs :D
    Love, Legs x
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    Hi Jen

    I certainly agree you must insist on being checked properly.

    Your doctor should be taking you seriously and not casting you off, thats very bad paractice :x

    I have read of so many on here who have had arthritis since being very young and so to say its unthinkable is unthinkable!!

    Maybe a change of doctor would be the best thing to do....... :idea:

    I was 20 when i got diagnosed, now 23. The doctor i first mentioned it to ( i had swelling of the left knee also but don't let this worry you) didn't really take me serious enough and so i decided to see another one and he was wonderful, gave me a blood test soon afterwards and then i started treatment to relieve my symptoms straight away. This is how you should be being treated!

    Hope you get sorted soon :)

    Dori x
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    I would deffintly keep going back to your Dr untill they test and diagnoise some thing! My Dr was the same, I kept going back and going back untill finally they did blood tests (which where clear) but the pain continued so again I had to go back a couple of times untill I was finally referred to a specialist.

    I really hope you can get some answers soon, I know how annoying it is having problems but no one taking you seriously.