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Hi there, my name is Vikki and I am 19 and a stay at home mommy to my two year old son. I have always had problems with me kness and have finally been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hands, feet and knees. I am going for X-rays on Thursday.

Just wondering how others cope and get by. I am struggling at home as it hurts to stand for prolonged periods of time, I can't sleep well and in the mornings it takes me a few hours till i can really do anything as my whole body is so stiff and pain full.

Just wanted to hello and hopefully talk to other people who understand and find out how other people cope.




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    Hello there !

    Welcome to the board
    Im 27 and also suffer from OA, was diagnosed as having it severe in my hips and am awaiting a new one !

    This board is great and has pulled me through some hard times.
    I dont really have any tips although the hand warmers you can buy are great first thing and get my hands going

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    Hi there. Yeah I have all ready tried out the hand warmers, shame they are so expensive though :cry: I have been looking for some where like this to talk to other people but at first the only stuff on OA I could find was for much older people.

    Thanks for the welcome
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    Hi there I am not a youngster but I wanted to welcome you to the boards I do have a young family and I know where you are coming from it is hard to get moving in the morning and even harder when you have a youngster. One thing that you can do is put your hands into warm water first thing in the morning just to get them moving and you can also use a hot water bottle it is a lot cheaper than hand warmers you can also get the ones that you heat up in the Micro. Also you can have a warm bath if you don't have to much of a problem getting in and out of the bath. You can also use cold packs as well I use both at the same time as it opens the blood vessels but don't use the cold pack for a sustained time as it can cause problems. Hope that this helps a little also if the wee one wants picked up sit down and let him climb up onto you to come down the stairs with him go on to your bum with him on your lap and bump down it is so much easier going both ways that way than carrying all the time.

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    Hi Vikki, I'm 33 and have severe OA in my spine, I have a baby (very heavly little chunk he is) and a 3 year old daughter. It's hard work, not just because you are sore but because your kids see you in pain and in my case tripping etc. I am lucky I have my hubby, when he's at home he does all the lifting and bathing. Don't be afraid to ask friends and family for help, I've seen a new side to people since my diagnosis, formally "too busy" people suddenly can't seem to help me enough. I think it's because now they know their is a reason for it. Speak to your Dr to ensure you are on the best medication possible to enable you to manage. I set my alarm before the kids get up and take my meds so they are in my system by the time they wake, it is not nice but enables me to cope. Another member here suggested I contact Social Services to see if I can get help in the mornings so I can get the kids ready for daycare and get to work, I am in the process of doing that, maybe your local authority does the same. Good luck, it's tough but it does get better once you learn to listen to your body and work out what works for you. Alex x
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    hi im kezzo im 27 in may im a mom of 1 1/2 yr old i work part time 3 days a week have to for money.
    i have ra diagnosed after birth of my daughter in 2007.
    im on mtx injects and started sultha 3 weeks ago.
    hope ur ok.
    hard with a little one i know!
    this site is a life saver at times i must say.
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    Hey Vikki!

    Welcome to the site! I have had RA since I was 15, I am now 22. I only found this site a while ago and really wished when I had first been diagnosed I knew about it. It really does help having people to talk to that know what you are going through, my family are great but sometimes you just need to talk to someone that knows what you mean and can sympathize. Hope you find it useful.

    As for the mornings I would suggest the same as Michelle, doing hand movements in the morning really helps, I have to do it every morning else I cant get my socks on; dont want cold feet :D

    I also have a ball I squeeze on the train to work to keep me moving. As for getting stiff when I have been up all the time I am afraid I can only suggest sitting whenever and wherever you can, I am always planting myself on a kerb somewhere just to have a quick rest...think my freinds are used to it after this long now :)

    See you around the site

    kayleigh x