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I'm having a small panic at the moment and hope you can help calm me !
I'm 27 and am awaiting a date for a hip replacement due to severe OA in my hips which i think may be related to an accident and injury as a child.

In the past months some of my joints are becoming more painful such as my elbows, spine and fingers and im getting worried its more OA. I know i should go and see my lovely Dr but is there a chance that the OA could be developing in these joints despite no previous injury or is it more likely to be normal aches!?

I dont mind if it is OA related, but dont want to hassle the Dr for something which may be normal pains!


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    Dear Miss I,

    Thanks for dropping in on Helplines, sorry that I don't think I can help much. If you are having so much pain I doubt whether a GP is going to consider you are wasting his/her time.

    The very fact that you are concerned about it is reason enough to get your mind put at rest.

    Many people find that in the run up to joint replacement surgery they need additional help with their pain meds, so getting that checked out is often considered routine.

    Another route may be to leave word with your orthopaedic specialist and see if anyone in their team can see you (particularly if you are already on very strong pain meds.)

    But whatever happens if you would like a chat with any of us here, please don't hesitate and pick up the phone.

    all the best