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Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd let you know that I've received a letter from Access to Work today saying that they will fund two thirds of the cost of equipment for my workplace. I am pleased it is so much, but still concerned about the employer contribution of £600-I don't know if comes from school budget or the LEA. Will have to see what happens when back at work next week I suppose. I know there have been other teachers asking about workplace adaptations, so wondered if this was helpful to any of you. Will let you know what happens. :wink:


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    That's great news Josie. Probably the LEA will pay for it. It's not alot of money to them. I work for Government and have seen thousands spent on many people. £600 is a very small sum if they are going to get the right person for the job, it's a good investment for them plus it may help someone else with similar issues in the future so they don't need to pay out again. Please keep us posted on your progress if it's convenient.

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    I got a great chair through access to work-I have to fight for it when I want a seat! I also got a trolley thing which I don't tend to use now as I changed jobs within department but it's used by other colleagues. I still get physios coming to see me to get the ordering details for people elsewhere in the hospital. Apparently, the things I had ordered should really be commonplace in other departments-God knows how much the NHS has had to pay out since :lol: It's not alot of money for organisations to pay-I think they're pleased when they know they're getting some of it paid for.
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