I'm right at the very begining and v scared

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I need advice with so many topics, so please anyone feel free to reply.
I have just been diagnosed with arthur after 2 and a half years of agony, I do work, and my workstation causes me agony.

I have had a OT assessment.
I am currently on ssp from my employer, which MAY last 6 months.
What happens after that?
I cannot sit for long periods, i cannot stand for long periods.
I feel i cannot return to work, though i will see OT again soon. (I am a local govt employee).
My current painkiller is diclofenac 50mg, i have been on tramadol, with ibubrofen, and gabapentin, also tried co codamol.
I have good days and bad, your web site was a revelation, i am 47.

Thank you so much


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    Welcome to the Forum - I'm glad you've found us. Newly diagnosed is a time of having many questions and anxieties and we, and the Forum users, are happy to try and help.
    If your workstation is still a problem do ask them to do another assessment - your needs may have changed since the last one.
    If you are unable to work because of sickness you should be entitled to Employment and Support Allowance (formerly Incapacity Benefit). The Benefits Enquiry line on 0800 882200 will tell you what benefits/tax credits etc you may be entitled to.
    You sometimes need to try different painkillers to find the one that works best for you. Good days and bad days are par for the course and hopefully, once you get your pain under control, you'll have more good days.
    Keep in touch and remember you can talk to us on the phone if you want to chat/moan/rant/ask questions.
    Best wishes
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    thank you