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I have just receivd the results of my x-ray of the hand and I have OA at the base of thumbs/hand in both hands. The pain keeps me awake at night and the thumb/hand is veyr swollen. Have you any suggestions re: painkillers that do not effect the stomach/kidneys and creams?
I am only 53 and I am sure too much decorating and gardening has done the damage.



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    Hi SJ
    The anti inflammatories can cause stomach & kidney problems so talk to your GP about a paracetamol or codeine based drug. There are stronger drugs such as Tramedol or opioid pain patches he can prescribe.
    You could try Capsaicin cream to rub on. It is derived from chillies and some people find it very helpful. It can be bought at chemists or your GP might prescribe it.
    Best wishes